3 Things Needed to Live an Intentional, Productive Lifestyle

Hey friends! I want to share with you how important it is to have certain things that keep our mental health sharp and clear of those negative thoughts that keep us down each day.

If you are a person that gets into these negative spirals that keep you from doing the things you are called to do, or even to do your every day tasks this is the article for you!

  1. Nutrition

Proper nutrition is THE number one thing that keeps us in all sorts of health positivity. It is the building blocks that keep our body and brain working effectively and efficiently. With out proper nutrition, we begin to deteriorate. Our bodies no longer work the way they used to, our minds seem very foggy all the time. When you follow a healthy, low sugar nutrition plan, you instantly feel better about yourself physically and mentally. When eating a lot of sugar and not enough fats, you will quickly notice that you say you are tired aloud at least five times per day, you will find yourself really sluggish to a point that you want to stay in bed when you can be doing something that will lead you to move forward positively. If you are like me and have an extreme sweet tooth--you can fight this battle! Say no to that chocolate bar or those sour gummy worms! They are not worth it and you can have something that can bring nutrition to your body that will give you energy and agility.

Visit a nutritionist/natural healer. One thing I was able to get corrected that my regular physician could never find out in bloodwork was a miniscule fix for a HUGE problem. Certain foods (mainly sugars) would cause my thyroid to rev up or not act properly. A minor tweak with a simple supplement in which a homeopathic nutritionist can definitely test for can alter your life in such a positive way! You'll thank me later!

2. Exercise

I cannot stress this enough!! We all need to get our heart rates up regularly. I stopped going to the gym since they closed our gyms due to the pandemic, and started to go back again in January and in that time in between I have been so completely depressed that the first day back, I hit the treadmill and it undid all of my bad habits in literally 25 minutes of running. Running is my go to exercise when I'm feeling lazy, unhealthy, depressed, bloated. It is literally a lifesaver. It feels so great to be drenched in sweat after doing some sprints. It adds two hours of energy on to my day and increases the more I run. Exercise is a MUST do. Even if you just do it 2-3 times per week you are sure to see the results.


I don't care who you are-there is nothing you can accomplish with out having faith. If you don't have faith in yourself, in Jesus Christ being your Savior- it will be hard to get through your life. I cannot do my life with out God nor do I choose to. With out faith in Him, I am nothing. He is the almighty powerful God who knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows who you'll marry, when, and what you will be doing the hour before the end of your life--why would you put your trust in yourself if there is a God whom created you and knows exactly what is best for you. A loving father who heals, who nurtures, who takes care of all of your brokenness and knows why you were placed here in the first place. Why would you trust anything other than Him? Dive into a great bible study- they have tons on Pinterest, I am more than sure you can find one for the exact situation you're in now- increasing your hope and faith in the lord strengthens you in so many ways. Find a church and make like minded friends so you can bounce ideas off one another and lend each other hope and the love of Christ.

Healthy foods, and regular exercise can change your life for the better in so many ways. If you are not a gym lover- you will become one when you see what an intense cardio workout on the treadmill can actually do for your life. It is so crucial for us with all the stress and anxieties we face on an everyday basis. I really hope this article has helped you and that you will start your own plan to a healthier life today! I promise it is worth every second. Just start small! Ask Him to strengthen you. He will!

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