Updated: Jan 10

When I graduated school as a Medical Assistant I sadly found out while doing a work-study, part time job that I went to school for the wrong thing! I realized that I really loved helping others (mostly the youth in community outreach).

The work was so rewarding that it did not even matter to me what I was paid to do it. I was so happy to be there helping put smiles on the faces of these kids.

Doing outreach work makes my heart sing. It makes me be less selfish and more for the community. I love to know these kids had a place to come into after school to learn things, get tutored and eat a hot meal before going to bed. So much that I have a dream to open up my own youth center!

My goals with a portion of the profits made from my Fashion brand will go towards starting this amazing youth organization that will be where less privileged youth can come and feel safe and enjoy learning new things that will help them to find their passions, all while having good food and entertainment, a workout area and hanging out with their friends. I also want to have it so they have counseling/social work for them to be able to have a trusted individual to speak with whenever they may need it. It will be everything for these kids to feel safe and to know they are cared for. A place they know they are always welcomed and always going to have somewhere to go. A place to look forward to after school. My husband being an Emergency Manager/Homeland Security Professional would be able to deal with the 'Covid 19' rules and regulations and also to provide security and safety for the children while they are in the building.

This is a dream and desire the Lord has put so heavily on my heart. Something I know is a major part of my purpose on this earth.

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