How I FINALLY started My Brand After Years of Procrastination

My entire life I spent dreaming of things that I can do to become the very thing I was sent to Earth to become. I have lived a life of dreaming about where I would be years from where I was at that particular time. I was always imagining myself someplace other than where I actually was. My favorite school report to do was the one in your final year of high school where you map out where you envision yourself in five years!

What I had written in that report nine years ago was not even close to what I was doing five years after high school! There had been a lot of wrong turns before getting into fashion that I had to take first. When looking back to those years and feeling regretful of the time wasted, the Lord always whispers to me that He always gets you where you need to be.

Throughout high school I loved to dress up every single day. I loved shoes, handbags, tops and skirts! I was always the quiet girl that was well known for her fashion sense. I loved my sense of style and felt the most confident dressed up in classic styles.

Upon graduating in 2012, I started to doubt my abilities of getting into a fashion school in New York and I also would think that the fashion industry was a very cut throat, gossipy industry that you only have a shot in getting into if you have the connections. I never was really great at school (math and Science were my weak subjects) and would always put those obstacles in front of myself as to why I would never be able to construct a garment, or learn pattern making. I was fortunate enough to go through fashion courses in my last two years of High school to learn the basics and sewing techniques. Even with that, I felt I was not good enough to become a designer or get into a fashion design program, I took the easy way out and went to trade school where I earned a certificate in Medical Assisting.

You can guess that I really was not happy after I finished my Medical Assistant program and spent a few miserable years in the field of medicine where I thought I'd be happy making a difference of some kind helping physicians help patients. I later came to find out that the field has been hijacked by big pharma companies and the truth is doctors are no longer happy with their salaries today, so you can guess it was not a great place to be. I spent most of my medical assisting career in Dermatology, Moh's and Cosmetic Surgery.

Fast forward to my final year as a Medical Assistant (that being 2018, in which I did not know it would be)! I met my husband while attending a pharmaceutical dinner at a fancy steakhouse where I was able to get out of my scrubs and enjoy some wine and dining with a bunch of my colleagues. Along comes a tall, dark and handsome young man who offered me a glass of wine and a menu. We fell in love at first sight and the rest was history! He then pushed me back into my dreams and here I am, my very first product launch! A beautiful handbag called Miracle. He called me Miracle. The leather we had chosen for the bag is called Miracle. The bag was made with Miracles in mind. The Lord confirmed that it was time to move towards what I love.

I worried less about the money it would cost at this point in my life (the point where I had the most bills, and least amount of money to pay things) than I did when I had mom and dad's roof and a steady pay check to put away every other week. Why!? It's a little thing called faith. I launched this bag hearing from both the Lord and my husband that they both have my back and want me to do this now more than ever. I had the support system I never had, I never knew much about faith. Another wonderful thing I got from my husband. I admire his faith in the Lord so much, and I never met anyone with that amount of faith. It has grown my faith in the Lord so much! The bag was designed, constructed and manufactured during a season in which most people believed to hold onto their cash. The pandemic lockdown. We put together our stimulus checks and took the leap of faith and pursued my dreams. It was the biggest leap of faith I had ever had to take and it felt incredible! That is what this brand is built on! FAITH!

I hope you will follow me through my journey of not only my brand but how much more my faith in the Lord will grow. For I know the plans the Lord has for me and I am so beyond excited for what's next! Can anyone say matching wallet!? I think so girl!


Dana Bass - Founder & CEO


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