About Me | Dana Bass New York

My brand is a representation of how faith works because it was started with faith and nothing more. Without faith in the Lord leading me in what I believe is my purpose, to design and create and be in Business and Entrepreneurship; I would not have enough willpower to fight the constant battle in my mind that tells me I can't do it. This website and product wouldn't be alive today! All of my love for fashion- God is here to serve a much deeper purpose, and I believe that is to help the youth in finding their way out of wilderness (since I walked pretty aimlessly through life during my school years) I knew I was here for a reason deeper than little six year old me can fathom. It took me so many years to get my head out of those clouds and to actually put my dreams to the test. I aim to open my own nonprofit to help other kids and teens find their way too. This brand is more than a brand-it's a brand that truly cares about the mental health of our youth-because those times are what shapes who we are as adults.